Hello. I'm Brian Lichliter.

I’m a designer and coder with 5+ years of experience solving the hardest problems I can find for a variety of companies and clients. I have a passion for bringing user needs to the forefront of any and every endeavor. Having worked at various levels of abstraction in computing, technology, and design, I enjoy tackling problems both broad and narrow in scope.

Currently spending my time learning tennis, starting side projects with new web technologies, and vetting productivity apps for my workflow.

You can follow me on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, or reach out via email - brian.lichliter@gmail.com.

Design Research

I help understand the intricacies of the problem, the needs of the user, and the context in which the solution will live.

Experience Design

I use everything in the designer's toolkit from brainstorming and synthesis to prototyping and visual design to turn an idea into a product.

Web Development

Using the latest web technologies, I bring products to life ready to deliver a top notch experience to every user.



I build an understanding of the problem, existing solutions, and the context surrounding before I began sketching solutions.


Iterating and improving is a continuous process I use to ensure the work I deliver is the best possible.


Balance is key in design and development. Without a key sense of balance one could be left with a beautiful design that's impossible to build.


I constantly evaluate my solutions through all levels of fidelity. It is never too early or late to find out what my users think.