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Exelon came to Drawn wanting to use its position as an authority on energy to make a positive impact on sustainability across the country. The result of early brainstorms was an application to mobilize individuals to adopt greener habits into their lives.

The Mission
We were tasked with taking this idea of a corporate sustainability platform for the public through the major levels of product maturity: idea, concept, prototype, and product all while iteratively researching and testing along the way.

In The News
FastCo - Exelon: Most Innovative Companies


Throughout the two years on the team I played a number of roles including researcher, designer, and product manager. I conducted feedback sessions, synthesized insights, built prototypes, applied visual design, managed the development backlog, and performed design and functional QA.

The Product


Understand Your Footprint

The dashboard is the center of a user's green lifestyle. In order to make it easy to read and dive deeper in to all of the relevant parts of EcoCRED we created bite-sized informational widgets that can be tapped on to get to relevant information.


Build Greener Habits

Building green habits is vital when turning over a new leaf. We curated an ever growing list of habits our users wanted to incorporate in their life and built features such as scheduling, streaks, and an easy to use interface to help them achieve their sustainability goals.


Accomplish Larger Goals

To get our users up, out, and active around shared goals we created challenges. Each challenge has tasks to complete and badges to earn, all awarding you EcoCRED. Users can head over to the rewards section to redeem EcoCRED for eco-friendly items.

The Process

Early Mockups

At the beginning of the project we produced several mockups that incorporated different themes we found through talking with our client and users. We used these mockups as conversation starters to lead to more targeted conversations about what sustainability means for each of our users.

Color System

The EcoCRED color system sheds color names in favor of a naming system that will allow for easy theming down the line. North and South are used to designate which type of background they exist on and the Towers are all shades of gray.

App Map

The App Map, in addition to weekly prototypes, helps PMs, designers, developers, and the client keep track of everything that is in the app and the different scenarios we support. Adding screens to the traditional sitemap formula makes the map easier to digest and understand.

Other Work


Reducing lost tools by bringing them into the digital age.


Saving some of the most valuable milliseconds in the industry.