Saving some of the most valuable milliseconds in the industry.






Design Sprint
Rapid Prototyping
Visual Design


CME, a leading futures trading market company, is in a unique space. The software they've created to complete trades on their market is so fast that figuring out how to save a millisecond is not only extremely difficult but also extremely valuable.

The Mission
This business challenge lead to the development of an internal tool called Telemetry which enables CME to gain insights into their software's performance & make improvements in a way not possible with external tools. They came to us to help them take it to the next level and prepare to offer it to the world.


The engagement included a week-long design sprint followed by two weeks of production. During that time I facilitated activities with the client such as brainstorming and journey mapping, designing and building a landing page, and giving guidance over an animated video that appeared on the landing page.

The Product


Build For Speed

The landing page starts off with the benefits of the software. With a suite as complicated as Telemetry the team spent a lot of time figuring out how to distill the essence in an easy to comprehend package. Colors and iconography were used to categorize features and benefits across three main categories: Monitor, Manage, and Optimize.


Understand Your Issues

After the benefits, when a prospective customer begins to get interested in how this suite accomplishes so much, this feature breakdown describes all the ways Telemetry can help a business and carries through the colors of each category to continue building on the mental model established earlier in the page.


Stay In Touch

Once the prospective customer gets to the bottom of the page there is an easy call to action for them. Since Telemetry was still in its infancy, building a list of e-mail addresses for excited clients provided invaluable access to potential users who can help guide future development.

The Process

Journey Map

During the sprint, the journey of a prospective customer for this software was mapped out with our team. All the work was done in person, on post-it notes, with a lot of discussion and later digitized for easy sharing with stakeholders who couldn't make it in person.

Maturity Model

After creating the landing page, the client wanted a cliff notes version to bring to in-person meetings. In response to that need, we created a maturity model cheat sheet for our client to take into meetings as a leave behind to help with socialization within the prospective customer's company.

Other Work


Mobilizing employees to create greener companies.


Reducing lost tools by bringing them into the digital age.